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These conditions determine the contractual relationship between the Client and Umbria in Tour, on behalf of Lucianna Coppola according to the authority of the Region of Umbria – No. 148033, 21  October 2013 – and Third Party Public Liability Policy No. 8597053 – Europ Assistance


Clients who accept a contract for travel agree to be regulated by Legislation No. 111, dated at 17/04/1995, as ratified and executed by the executive EEC 90/134 and, in particular, by the International Convention relevant to a contract of travel (CCV) signed in Brussels on the 20/04/1970. The responsibility of the Travel Organizer cannot, in any case, exceed the limits provided for from the law cited.


It is possible to implement reservation requests by means of an email message to the addresses: info@umbriaintour.it. Following receipt of an email reservation request by the Operator, the Client will then receive verification from the Operator by return email to the appropriate electronic address, attesting to the commitment for a future reservation and the relevant confirmation of the selected tour or service, as well as the Payment Form for Umbria in Tour. The reservation will be effective on receipt by umbria in Tour of the final payment. Once

the final payment has been made, the Client will then receive the final Travel Documents.


As soon as confirmation of the reservation has been received, the Client should immediately forward to Umbria in Tour, according to the method of payment agreed upon (Paypal or direct bank transfer), a deposit equal to 25% of the

total amount. The balance of payment for the total reservation should be made, within the absolute deadline of 30 calendar days prior to the commencement date of the contracted services. For reservations made with less than 30 days remaining to the date of departure, payment should be made in full, at the time of confirmation of the

reservation. Where payment is made by direct bank transfer a statement

from the bank must also be sent by email that testifies to that payment. In all cases clients must send a signedPayment Formby email. Once all payments and/or documentation of payment have been received and cleared, I viaggi di Sofia/Umbria in Tour will forward all the relevant Travel Documents to the Client


Umbria in Tour , requires a one-off, per person €25,00 as booking fee for tailored programmes. For groups, this booking fee may vary at the discretion of “Umbria in Tour”. The booking fee excludes health, travel and luggage insurances. These insurances are considered the responsibility of the Client who should arrange their own personal insurances before arriving in Italy.


4.a Cancellation penalties

If a Client withdraws from a contract prior to the beginning of the reserved travel or tour, any individual expenditures already paid out will be debited and the following penalties will be also applied (percentages are calculated from the total costs):

25% of the total cost if cancelled 25 calendar days before the scheduled departure/commencement date

35% of the total cost if cancelled 15 calendar days before the scheduled

departure/commencement date

50% of the total cost if cancelled 10 calendar days before the scheduled departure/commencement date

75% of the total cost if cancelled 7 calendar days before the scheduled departure/commencement date

100% of the total cost if cancelled at any time after the scheduled departure/commencement date.

Note: no reimbursement will be made if the Client decides, for any reason, to reject or interrupt any part of the scheduled travel or tour already begun nor for any modification to the agreed terms of travel and/or reserved bookings


In the case of pre-constituted groups, such sums will be agreed to at the time of signing the contract.

Where any reimbursement is due it will be paid by direct deposit to the Client’s nominated bank account with the Client being liable for any accompanying bank charges.


Umbria in Tour will be able to cancel the scheduled travel at any time

according to Art. 10 of Legislation No. 1084 of 21/12/1977, concerning the International Convention Relevant to the Contract of Travel, without obligation to return any of the sums paid. Equally it can cancel the journey without compensation when the minimum number of travellers has not been reached, up to at least 15 days before the due date

of departure. The Client will be able to withdraw from the contract of travel without penalty in cases where there is an increase of more than 10% in costs, or where changes to the expected category of hotel proposes an inferior category.

In such cases, the Client is bound to communicate an understanding in writing sent either by registered mail of the modifications or an intention to withdraw from the

contract within 2 working days of receiving a communication of an alteration to the travel arrangements


These events constitute an “Act of God” therefore additional expenses arising from such events will not be attributable to Umbria in Tour, and will not, therefore be reimbursed


Where it is deemed necessary, Umbria in Tour retains the right to alter or modify the travel arrangements or to replace the expected accommodation with other accommodation of the same rating and with the same features.


All personal information acquired as part of the booking process will remain confidential according to Legislation 196/2003. In the sense that and according to the intent of DLGS 196/2003, the information is used for mutual benefit and that the actual personal information will be treated singularly and exclusively for purposes related to the implementation and fulfillment of the contract or, as an obligation in observance of the law and, therein, includes full implementation of all security measures. The information will be recorded manually and with electronic tools, preserved only for the duration expected by law and then destroyed in accordance with a document programme that conforms to the security regulations of D.L. No. 196/2003, being the “Code for protection of personal information”.


Foreign citizens are strongly advised to contract special insurance prior to departure against costs incurred for cancellation of travel arrangements or tour cancellations, illness, accidents, and loss of or damage to luggage.

For Italian citizens, Umbria in Tour can, on request, provide insurance for travel and luggage.


Any disputes over reservations and leasing agreements will be conducted by the court of jurisdiction in Terni.

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