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Perugia has an immense heritage of art and culture. One finds monuments everywhere bearing witness to its centuries of history, art and culture.

From its squares to its tiniest alleys, starting with the Etruscan Arch, the Etruscan Well and Porta Marzia, the second monumental Etruscan gate, now incorporated in a rampart of the Rocca Paolina, a fortress erected in 1540. Palazzo dei Priori is in Piazza IV Novembre, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. An elegant Gothic edifice it’s also the home of the National Gallery of Umbria, which holds some of the greatest masterpieces of Italian art from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

Also very fine are the Sala dei Notari, the Collegio del Cambio and the San Giovanni Battista chapel, the Collegio della Mercanzia, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and its annexed Chapter Museum and the gorgeous Fontana Maggiore. Perugia has many religious buildings worthy of note: the Basilica of St. Pietro, Basilica of St. Domenico, next door to the National Archeological Museum of Umbria and its extensive collection of Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman artifacts. The round Temple of St. Angelo, the St. Francesco al Prato complex with the former church of St. Francesco and the Oratory of St. Bernardino. The Church of St. Filippo Neri, the St. Severo Chapel with a fresco, the Holy Trinity and Saints, painted in part by Raphael and in part by Perugino. In addition the Church of St. Maria Nuova, the Church of St. Ercolano, and the Church of St. Bevignate.

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