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Umbrian cuisine is all about tradition, featuring lesser-known dishes mostly based on “la cucina povera” – inexpensive ingredients available to all. Little influenced by neighbouring regions, Umbrian food leans heavily on meats and cheeses combined with locally cultivated cereals, grains, and vegetables. These basic ingredients are prepared as simple daily meals and also for celebratory feasts. Simple techniques are used in order to enhance the flavors of the raw materials.
Our cooking courses offer opportunities for both professional chefs and home cooks to learn the genuine traditions of the region. Italians are passionate about food and the authentic tastes that define their own regions and are always happy to share them.

Our cooking courses are complete cultural experiences that immerse participants in the fields, farms, olive groves, and wineries that produce inspirational fresh and seasonal ingredients.
For those interested in advanced cooking classes with our professional chefs, menus range from simple to more complex ingredients and techniques befitting a professional kitchen, blending traditional flavors with modern high cuisine.
For home cooks, curious about the genuine, everyday recipes prepared in Umbrian family kitchens, our expert Italian cook will introduce you to the joy of selecting seasonal ingredients, then preparing them together for joyful shared meals.

The flavors, colors, and aromas of Umbria are waiting to be discovered. This is a perfect opportunity to taste, learn, and experience the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine in a friendly and fun atmosphere!

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