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Todi is an “ideal city” which harmoniously blends the sweet countryside with the city. It’s encircled by three concentric rings of walls. Just before entering the heart of the historic center one encounters the impressive Temple of St. Maria della Consolazione. In the heart of town is the splendid Piazza del Popolo flanked by a religious complex and monumental public palaces: Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo dei Priori, Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo and the Cathedral.

The Temple of St. Fortunato is a remarkable example of the Umbrian Gothic style, inside is the crypt that holds the remains of the friar-poet Jacopone da TodiPiazzale IV Novembre is an excellent vantage point for enjoying a splendid view of the Tiber River valley and of the surrounding countryside. The local cuisine, as all Umbria after all, leaves nothing to fate. On the tables of Todi’s families we’ll find the “pan caciato”, a small round loaf of bread whose dough is made of nuts, cheese and raisin. In winter the real delicacy is the “palomba alla ghiotta”: pigeons cooked on a spit that are generally accompanied by a good glass of Grechetto of Todi DOC.

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