A Medieval Town rich of history, art, culture and ancient traditions

Orvieto’s art and cultural heritage is one of the richest in ItalyThe Duomo, designed by Lorenzo Maitani, is one of the most majestic creations in Italian architecture. Its magnificent Gothic facade is decorated with mosaics and bas-reliefs and has a splendid rose window by Orcagna.

Inside there are masterpieces of Italian painting: the fresco cycle by Fra’ Angelico and Luca Signorelli in the San Brizio Chapel. The town’s most representative civic buildings include: Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo dei Sette, Torre del Moro and Torre di Maurizio. Palazzo Faina, Palazzo dei Papi, Opera del Duomo Museum, Emilio Greco Museum and Luigi Mancinelli Municipal Theater.

A unique visit is that of St.Patrick’s Well, the well is 62 mt deep and has two separate helical staircases that make it possible to go down the well to get water without bumping into those going back up. Hidden underneath the town lies fascinating Underground Orvieto, where an incredible number of artificial caves create an intricate maze of tunnels, cisterns and wells.

Orvieto is the capital of the “Slow Cities”. The city and the surrounding area can boast a thriving food and wine tradition: the famous Orvieto wine can be enjoyed along the Etruscan-Roman Wine Route.

Famous are events such as Umbria Jazz and Corpus Domini with the traditional and folkloristic parades along the streets of Orvieto: the historical Corteo di Orvieto and the Corteo delle Dame.

View of the City

Il corteo storico di Orvieto

Corteo Storico

The Mille Miglia Racing


The Badia

The Theatre

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