A nearly perfect Medieval city with loads of charm

Spoleto is one of the region’s most fascinating art towns. Its wealth of history, varied cultural heritage and important arts events make it one of the tourist destinations most highly esteemed by visitors. Located just a few kilometers from the Valnerina,Spoleto feels very civilized surrounded by a very rural backdrop. Midway between Rome and the late imperial capital Ravenna along the Via Flaminia, Spoleto was one of the few towns able to prosper in the twilight of the empire.

Most famous for its famous Festival dei Due Mondi, Spoleto is often considered one of Umbria’s most graceful hill towns. Spoleto also has a good collection of Roman and medieval attractions that ensure a visit anytime of the year will be enjoyable.

The Umbri were the first to settle Spoleto, but it was soon taken over by the Romans who fortified the city walls by building an aqueduct across the gorge, serving as a foundation for the amazing Ponte delle Torri. Ancient churches set in and about Spoleto reflect the town’s importance during the early Christian period when it ruled over a large independent duchy. By the 14th century, Spoleto fell under church control, and the Rocca was built at its summit to enforce papal rule.

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