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Honey Tasting

A Truly Different Flavor

Why not switch things up for your next wine tasting and include a honey tasting as well? Guest have the unique opportunity to visit a working apiary to learn how honeybees make this liquid gold we call honey. Umbria, the “Green Heart of Italy”, is packed with pollen-rich vegetation, making it the ideal environment for honeybees. Beekeeping in Umbria dates back to the first civilizations that inhabited the region, and was  perfected by the Etruscans and Romans.

Umbrian producers make chestnut honey, the bitterest of the classic honey varieties, wildflower honey, the most commercially used, alfalfa honey, and acacia honey. With our Honey Tours you’ll be guided through the whole honey process from hive to jar. Book a tour to discover the secret life of bees and sample our sumptuous local honey!

From Hive to Jar

Let us guide you through the whole honey process from hive to jar, and discover the secret life of Bees! We’ll talk you through all aspects of life as a bee, from their well-known protection mechanisms to how they create honeycombs. Watch honey being extracted and bottled!

Sample Sumptous Local Honey

What do you know about honey? Can you tell which plant’s pollen went into making each variety of honey? Can you judge by the colour of the honey or by its taste? Book your tasting to sample a whole range of honeys, all produced in the Green Heart of Italy!

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