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Today Orvieto is divided into four quarters (or districts). 
The main intersection, where via Duomo crosses Corso Cavour... is where the four quarters of the city meet.  During the middle ages, this was important because the four quarters engaged in a decades-long civil war between the Guelphs (supporters Moncler Outlet  of the Holy Roman Empire) and the Ghibellines (supporters of the pope). The conflict decimated the population of the city.  The Ghibellines finally prevailed, and Umbria became one of the first Papal States. Fast-forward a few hundred years to 1527. 
The Holy Roman Empire under Charles V sacks Rome and chases Pope Clement VII out of the Vatican. 

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Pope Clement flees to Orvieto for refuge.  He fears the Emperor’s army will follow and lay siege to the city.  replica watches Since Orvieto sits high on a bluff, any siege would cut off the city’s water supply.  His solution:  dig a hole down to the water table, and create a well to help the city withstand a siege....

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