Ai & Dylan Gabrini - USA

Dylan and I just got back to the US about a week ago, and still feel like we are in a dream in Italy...
Our trip was just so amazing every single day; everything that we saw, ate, felt, smelled and heard was absolutely phenomenal.
Especially, your wonderful tour made it completely the best time we have ever spent. We are very grateful for that. Thank you so much, Lucianna.
Your charming personality, great hospitality and deep knowledge of the histories about all the places that we visited gave us a fantastic experience in Orvieto and Civita. We are so very glad that we decided to do a tour with you.
It was very special and we wish we had more time to ask you more questions to know about the cities.
I am sending you a couple of the pictures from the gorgeous day as well.
Ai   Dylan Gabrini  civita
Thank you again so very much for everything and we will definitely come back as soon as possible.
We miss being in Italy too much.

Ai Gabrini


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