Antonio & Eliani Klapka - Brasil

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We have just been back from a wonderful 20-day trip to Italy. We owe much of its success to Lucianna Coppola and Umbria in Tour.  They organized a 8-day tour of Umbria, a region to the South of Tuscany just as magnificent as its famous neighbor. In our initial exchange of e-mails, we tried to convey to Lucianna which places we would like to visit and the kind of interests we had (for instance, we enjoy going to small medieval  little villages, making wineries visits and tastings, etc).

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We also indicated that we were open to include her suggestions in our itinerary. The end result could not possibly be better and surpassed our expectations. Her suggestions to visit Civita da Bagnoreggio, to go to Bevagna and make a tour of typical medieval economic  activities (coin minting, candle manufacturing, textile production, paper manufacturing, etc), to take a look at the Majolica Museum in Deruta were spot on. Furthermore, Lucianna is a very energetic and positive person who makes everybody around her feel good. She is also very knowledgeable about Umbria history, traditions and rich religious heritage. Last but not least, she is always concerned about the wellbeing of her guests and was very helpful in advising and booking restaurants for us during our trip. Her restaurant recommendations (both those included and not included in our tour) were excellent and we really ate like royalties in our tour in Umbria (special mention to our lunch in Cantina Antonelli). To sum it all, travelling with Lucianna and Umbria in Tour was both interesting and fun at the same time. We hope we will be able to let her organize another trip in Italy in the future.
(Antonio Klapka e Eliani Dutra, Brazil, May 2013)


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