Cooking lessons

Tradition is at the centre of the Umbrian kitchen, with dishes not always poor or popular. Little influenced from the nearby regions, it is based essentially on meat and products of the earth, that are used both for great occasions and in daily meals. It is a simple kitchen, not overly complex but honouring the flavours and tatses of good raw materials. The roots of the Umbrian kitchen arise from the time of the “Umbri” (the indigineous peoples preceeding the Etruscans, in the region between Perugia and Orvieto) and then from the Romans, with frequent use of legumes and cereals. We can identify three types of cuisine that roughly correspond to both cultural and dialectal divisions within the region.

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Our cookery courses provide opportunities for both professional chefs as well as home-based cooking that follows the genuine, heart-felt traditions of the land. All Italians are passionate about food and the authentic tastes that define their own regions. Our cooking courses, therefore, are always a complete cultural experience allowing you to become immersed in the countryside that produces the most wonderful, freshest ingredients, according to the season.

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For those interested in professional cooking classes with our professional chefs, the menus can range from the very simple to more complex processes and ingredients befitting a professional kitchen, still with all the gusto and care for tradition and great tastes with the highest standards of procedures and presentation.

Alternatively, for those home cooks who want to learn about the genuine, everyday dishes produced in Umbrian kitchens for family gatherings and everyday sensorial delights, our wonderful Italian cook will introduce you to the joy of selecting ingredients in season, preparing and cooking all to be tasted and enjoyed by all.

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Truffle hunting

Umbria is one of the most important regions in Italy for truffle production. The truffle is one of the best condiments which can be used in the kitchen. It is advisable to use it fresh. When fully ripe it best displays its qualities. Each variety of truffle has its own particular, typical aroma, which is suitable for specific culinary uses.

The truffle hunter will show you how to find truffles walking through the woods.

Would you like to experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of truffle hunting with dogs? Follow our truffle hounds through the woods and experience the surge of excitement as they locate this edible treasure. We offer truffle hunting experience days in MONTEFALCO, BAGNOREGIO & SORANO (Southern Tuscany). These comprise:

  • Introductory talk on truffles with the truffle hunter
  • 2 hours truffle hunting
  • Lunch or dinner with truffle dishes

You will spend a day immersed in authentic traditional Italian company, culture and cuisine!

It’s a great experience for people interested in food and wine, who want to experience some authentic Italian culture and hospitality, or who just want to spend a day soaking up the local atmosphere over a glass of wine.

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With an expert truffle hunter we comb the truffle-rich forests and pastures, following his expert dogs as they hunt.
Back at the family farmhouse we discover the secrets of a family culinary tradition. Nonna (Grandma) accompanies us to the pasta room where we learn to make fresh pasta and other local delicacies. We also indulge in an assortment of home-made specialties and great local wine. Then we sit down to a big traditional Umbrian mountain lunch where all our recipes have a ‘wild’ flavor...

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The young truffle hunter is also a dog trainer. He works in a dog center, training dogs for truffle hunting and basic abedience. He will bring us in his caves, looking for black truffles, sharing his replicas de relojes knowledge with Umbria in Tour guests!
After the huting we will have lunch with the truffle found in a beautiful farm house a few kilometres far, to enjoy an amazing complete lunch based on truffle dishes.

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