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The Terme di Saturnia are a group of springs located in the municipality of Manciano, a few kilometers from the village of Satiurnia and Pitigliano. The springs that feed the baths, which are found in the south-eastern valley, cover a vast territory.
One legend, according to the Etuscans and Romans, was that the Terme di Saturnia were formed by lightning bolts, thrown by Jupiter. During a violent quarrel between the two mythological deities, the bolts thrown towards Saturn had missed, causing the formations.
The sulphurous spring water, at a temperature of 37.5 °C, are well known for their therapeutic properties, offering relaxation and well being through immersion. The main thermal waterfalls are the Mill Falls, located at an old mil.

Terme di Saturnia
The yield of the source is about 800 liters per second, which guarantees an optimal replacement of water. The chemical make-up is sulfur, carbon, sulfate, bicarbonate-alkaline, earth, with the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas and carbon dioxide. The minerals dissolved in water amount to 2.79 grams per liter.

The area of Saturnia Spa presents, as a whole, a large and freely accessible area where it has developed the famed luxury spa of Terme di Saturnia, where, in addition to various thermal treatments, also produces thermal perfumes and creams for men and women. (by Wikipidia)

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