School Groups

These programmes are based on the understanding that language acquisition is not only a vehicle for simple communication of cultural values, but can also represent an important occasion of acquaintance and reflection on our Country. The aim of the programme is to encourage a better use of the language and a greater understanding of  Italian culture. Much of this is achieved through planned excursions and visits that may include tastings of typical products, all created to make your stay more authentic!

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The REAL experience of the LIVING Italy: the Art, Culture, History, Traditions & Language of Central Italy

Groups are based in Orvieto – Umbria - that wonderful, magical “green heart” of Italy with its Etruscan treasures, Medieval hill-top towns, Renaissance piazzas and the enduring warmth and generosity of its people, uncc watch are available in all ranges from branded to cheap one.These watches are also attractive and stylist. all so close to the ancient capitals of Rome and Florence.

The basic programme comprises a broad range of activities, excursions, lectures and memorable experiences across a comprehensive 7 or 14-day schedule.
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Each day includes a focus on a particular area of Italian culture and language with evenings left free for private study, supervised activities within the accommodation complex and relaxation.
Within each focussed activity there is ample room for supervising teachers to direct the focus of the activity to cover specific education requirements or preferences and to add activities and/or exercises within the structure of the day.
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For further information, programs, bookings and enquiries, please send an e-mail to info@umbriaintour.it