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We are so fortunate to be able to include Giuseppina in our list of very special people who provide particular services and activities for Umbria in Tour. While coming from a very well established Umbrian family Giuseppina was, in fact, born in Melbourne Australia. Together with her family she moved back to Italy when she was 18. This means that not only does she have perfect English (she is a very highly qualified and respected English language teacher) but also perfect Italian with the great love and passion for Umbrian food and traditions that all Umbrians inherit down through the generations.      One of her greatest challenges and satisfactions is in preparing meals for her large extended family that includes 5 children, as well as cooking for groups of foreigners and visitors. This particular challenge, in satisfying many different tastes, has added to an already extensive repertoire of cooking skills and recipes, more so because she has also had to develop and adapt particular recipes to accommodate a gluten intolerance. 

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For these reasons the recipes Giuseppina offers in her cooking classes reflect not only the rich heritage of Umbrian cuisine but also the particular passions and satisfactions in providing real food for real people. What an amazing opportunity to prepare and taste all of those great courses that we all fall in love with while travelling this wonderful region and to be able to do so in a warm family environment, even better.

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For more detailed information or to book the cooking class, please send an e-mail to info@umbriaintour.it