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For the past ten years, the Italian craft beer industry has grown and changed while remaining largely under the radar to most visitors. Today, more than ever, beer in Italy is a serious topic. With more than 500 breweries nationwide, thousands of labels on the market, and constantly changing trends, deciphering Italian craft beer culture is no easy feat (particularly considering that most joints still serve industrial lager!). For these reasons, I began offering private beer tastings

Although true that Umbria is famous for its wine traditions, Umbria in Tour wants the world to know that there is a burgeoning craft beer scene in Umbria! Orvieto & Spello are not escaping the trend. Our Craft Beer not so much for its beer,  is an excursion where I take you to some of my favorite locales to help further your understanding of this complicated world.


This small craft brewery’s story is a simple one, born from the passion for our territory and the makers’ creative spirit, and inspired by Umbria’s beautiful countryside.

The “Centrolitri” (100 liters) microbrewery is located just a few kilometers from Orvieto, in the Baschi hills. It takes its name from the small batch production of Maurizio, the Master Brewer, who started making beer as a weekend hobby. His handbuilt brewhouse produced just 50 liters on Saturday and 50 on Sunday, giving rise to the “Centrolitri” name.

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The concept of “territory” is Centolitri’s guiding philosophy. Maurizio wanted to infuse his beer with local products, like the Grechetto vine (the renowned Umbrian white grape) from which he created his “Clandestina” brew, and the very special “Granata” beer, made with pomegranate juice. His “Anima” brew was inspired by the notes of Umbria Jazz, Orvieto’s famous annual music festival. To date, Centrolitri is the only craft brewery in the area.

Passion and the continued drive to create unique products are Centrolitri’s calling cards, demonstrated by Master Brewer Maurizio steady collaboration with the Agricultural University of Perugia’s CERB (Centro Eccelenza Ricerca sulla Birra), which is one of Italy’s centers of excellence in the beer sector.

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Umbria is rich in many water resources and most brewers use pure spring water as a basis for their beer. In addition, the climate in this region provides the ideal conditions for cultivating the main ingredients such as malt, barley, hops and grains. But also less obvious products like strawberries, lentils, honey, figs and even truffles and chocolate (!) are delicious ingredients for a special flavoured beer.
Most Umbrian artisan beers are not filtered, not pasteurized and produced without chemical additives, which makes their flavours, aromas and even their colours particularly authentic. Every beer connoisseur knows that the bottle of special beers should not be poured completely; well, here in Umbria it’s more like a habit …

With many ideas in mind, three young friends decided a few years ago to start this adventure, experimenting, tasting, creating new season varieties of flavours...all good!!

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All tastings can be organized over half a day or an entire day with lunch made up of produce tastings
For more detailed information, please send an e-mail to info@umbriaintour.it