Who knew that something so simple could taste so good? Goat cheese, with its pristine white color and distinct flavor is one of the most amazing foods in the world — a humble basic for some, a gourmet delight for others.

Goat cheeses can range in taste from strong and pungent, to delicate and mild. They are sold fresh, aged or marinated in olive oil or red wine. They may get coated in herbs, black pepper, edible flowers and yes, even chocolate.

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Enjoy an amazing experience in a FATTORIA a 15 hectare farm that is just a short drive from Orvieto and is run by a young couple.

You are able to see how all of this lovingly created (100 liters a day!) goats milk is made into 30 different cheeses. Emanuele explained the daily process of culturing, mixing and aging his delicious creations. While he was showing you cheese forms and explaining the importance of wild molds and yeast in the room Alessandra will prepare a carefully curated tray of cheese that we would soon get to sample with some wine that is grown and produced just a few miles away.

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For the visitor, this morning spent on the farm will seem kind of idyllic. You can personally live the joy that working with your life partner, in a beautiful place, producing delicious food could bring. The secret to the success of this family operation requires both the dream and the passion and the desire and fortitude for the tenacious hard work. The milk doesn't have to travel very far, since the goat shed shares space with the cheese making facilities. Every day the goats are milked, and the milked turned into the gorgeous cheeses you will come to taste.

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NOTE: The production stops on January & February. It starts again mid March.

All tastings can be organized over half a day with lunch made up of produce tastings.
For more detailed information, please send an e-mail to info@umbriaintour.it