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A group of experts able to give you a lot of solution and information in order to choose where and how to celebrate your event.

To distinguish the one most appropriate location over another is the primary objective for a successful outcome of any event: the promoter must consider all features objectively from the geographic position and available network services, to the more subjective options that may influence a decision which may include financial resources, specific target audiences, etc. Almost every possble configuration can be found or adapted to suit individual requirements and to accommodate all kinds of events. Since availability of many of these structures are subject to their primary use, bookings for specific numbers may be limited and availability and appropriateness to the intended outcomes will be assessed on an individual basis.

Buildings and residences of historical interest may be adapted to accommodate small to medium events. While they are often more limited in scope to smaller individual spaces and a smaller range of activities, they do offer a great deal of prestige and impact for a variety of events and themes.

There are a number of hotels within the city that offer themselves as “business centres” and are well equipped to host conferences and to accommodate special, small to medium events.

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When necessary we will preview all accommodation or, more simply, assess the ability to accommodate all participants. In order to comply with those characteristics of accommodation most required by participants it will be necessary, first, to establish an agreement based on hotel categories such as, inclusions and distance from the conference or event centre, among others. We will centralize the collection of reservations and agree to supply to all a single access point of reservations and to avoid any disparity.


  • Plan the working programme
  •  Manage the speakers and VIPs
  •  Provide an information service
  •  Coordinate and manage the human resources
  •  Manage the invititations and mailouts
  •  Manage the subscriptions/bookings
  •  Manage the accommodation bookings and agreements
  •  Contract the required furniture and fittings
  • provide the secretariat, reception and credits
  • control access
  • plan and configure the room arrangements  
  • accompany and see to the participants’ requirements

A group of experts able to give you a lot of solution and information in order to choose where and how to celebrate your event.

For more detailed information please send an e-mail to info@umbriaintour.it