Events in Umbria

  •     Festival of the PALOMBELLA(the dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit) has been celebrated every year at the time of Pentecost since its inception in the sixteenth century by the family of the Monaldeschi. The celebration begins with the view of a female dove, tied to the coat of arms, representing the Holy Spirit. The coat of arms, together with the dove, slides along a cable, high across the piazza in front of the duomo, finishing on a large wooden construction adorned with loud noises and firecrackers that light up on the arrival of the dove. The safe transition of the dove along with other factors augers well for the coming agricultural year. The practice has been under dispute for sometime from animal rights activists who would like the live dove replaced by a wooden replica. As a result of these protests, since 2005, the dove is no longer tied to the coat of arms but is housed in a plastic tube that then slides along the cable.
  •     The Sunday following Pentecost: PALIO DELL'OCA (the horserace of the goose) takes place on the Piazza del Popolo along a track of beaten earth. It is a medieval game of dispute between knights representing two ancient districts of Orvieto, the Pistrella and the Cava, which involves skill on horseback.
  •     Procession of the CORPUS DOMINI: emanating in 1337 consists of an historical procession of more than 400 figures in medieval costume, evokingthe memory of the Miracle of Bolsena.
  •     The Nativity of the POZZO DELLA CAVA: the underground nativity scene is made up of life-size figures.
  •     UMBRIA JAZZ WINTER: during the last week of December, presents an international festival of jazz.
  •     The City of Orvieto - Cronoscalata Trophy: is the Castellana car trial of fastest ascent, organized annually in April from Ciconia to Prodo (a route of 6,100 meters).
    May:  "Open cellars"
    August: a showcase of the wines and handicrafts
    Orvieto is part of the “Citta Slow” movement

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