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This programme offers a complete guide to understanding painting as a form of artistic endeavour rather than a mechanical affixing of color to a design and unravels some of the more complex problems in the yield of colour, variations of tone, the study of light and shade, and illusions in natural spaces, along with a wealth of technique. In more ancient civilizations much of this did not exist or there was not the same stress on such issues even though there were creations offering great refinements in "coloured designs" (Egyptian art as an example). These issues began to be dealt with in Greek art from the 5th century A.C. developing through the 4th century A.C. which then entered the area of the Mediterranean and into European culture, with varying degrees.

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These painting classes are set in the gentle countryside close to Orvieto, with accommodation provided onsite in a beautifully laid out agriturismo that includes independent, self-catering apartments for individuals or couples, swimming pool, great walks through the vineyards, a commercial kitchen for optional cooking classes and a very fine tasting cellar.


Victor Greenaway (www.victorgreenaway.com) is a very well know Australian painter and ceramic artist, now living in Orvieto. He brings a great mastery and many accomplishments to this program and is a sympathetic and intelligent teacher, for all comers, regardless of expertise or experience.
The series of painting sessions will cover a number of topics with each session having a particular focus that will encourage participants to learn and to achieve over the whole week.

For specialist MASTER CLASSES in painting (oil or acrylic) and/or drawing it is possible to arrange one-on-one programs with Victor Greenaway. A customised program will be devised in consultation with you and may run from 1 or 2 days to a week or more. Some individual clients like to stay on for one month and take advantage of a complete range of activities including excursions, guided visits to Rome, Florence and Venice as well as many other optional activities and, of course, some precious rest time.