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The Umbrian kitchen is based on a traditional and robustly peasant practice, using authentic  ingredients and genuine tastes, including some dishes that are common within the region and many that are particular to smaller zones. Its well-earned reputation derives from the quality of the raw materials and from the great care taken in the processing. To make a list of typical products of the Umbria is difficult because it would indeed be very long, with every province boasting a particular variety. A series of known products does however exist that also crosses these regional borders.

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Umbrian appetizers are made distinctive by contrasting simple flavours. In particular are the cheeses and the “prosciutto” of Norcia charactersitically and skilfully cut by hand, the black truffle and the wheat grains of Valnerina. These are typically accompanied by the well-known “crostini”, made up with mushrooms, truffles or chiken livers.

Also typical in Umbrian cuisine are the first dishes or “primi piatti” of pasta and soups, made “in-house”. Particularly well-known are the ciriole (thick strands of pasta) flavored with a sauce made from minced tomato and garlic, the strangozzi of Spoleto (another version of a thicker spagetti) flavoured with trout and truffles and the umbrichelli (a shorter thicker type of spagetti) prepared with a sauce of goose or wild boar.

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When thinking of a second (or main) dish the much-loved Umbrian pork comes quickly to mind, and from there, the most acclaimed is the “porchetta” or roasted pig, but also not to be forgotten are the dishes made from the liver, heart and lungs together with herbs and the fronds of “finocchio” or wild fennel. Pig’s offal prepared in this most delicate of Umbrian traditions are a special treat and an absolute “must try.”

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Undoubtedly the most beautiful conclusion of any meal comes with the range of traditional Umbrian desserts. From the many are included, the “torcolo” or ring-shaped cake, “ciambella” or the small rounds of doughnut-shaped sweet breads with anise, candied fruits and sweet filling, “torciglione” with almonds, “maccheroni” with walnuts, “rocciata” from Assisi parcels with sweet fillings of walnuts, honey, figs, plums and cinnamon, the special “zuccherini” of Bettona and the “pannociato” or sweet buns of Todi.
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  • IN FARM HOUSE lessons on homemade pasta and secret recipes of traditional Umbrian cuisine
  • FOR HOME COOKS who want to learn about the genuine, everyday dishes produced in Umbrian kitchens

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