Special Programmes

You will be taken off the rock for a gentle exploration into the surrounding landscape that rolls around the Paglia River valley and introduces you to the very special wines, oils and other local produce that play such a significant role in defining the characteristics of the Orvietani and the pride they take in their long heritage of viniculture and olive oil production. This is a land that is particularly suited to viniculture and to the growing of olives. Its moderate climate and gentle rolling hills favour exposure to the sun and contribute to making such excellent Umbrian wines and oils, produced by the growers of the region since ancient times using methods that are both simple and natural.

olio e verdure  tavola prodotti tipici  bottiglia e bicchiere vino rosso

All the programs can be organized over half a day or an entire day with lunch made up of produce tastings typical to the region, including wine, oil and cheese that is all thoroughly Umbrian! And with the assistance of “Umbria in Tour”

For more detailed information about our programmes, please send an e-mail to info@umbriaintour.it