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What better than a vacation immersed in the countryside of this wonderful green heart of Italy, a land in which history, culture, good food and nature are articulated at their very best.

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There are places, immersed in nature and silence, that make us feel reconciled with the world and ourselves; one of these places is “Casalino Vigneria”.
Situated on the highest of the estate's hills, it is immersed in the characteristic woods of holm oak and is surrounded by vineyards. The antique farmhouse has been renovated to host a limited number of guests (up to 12 people).
From the poolside, you can enjoy the beautiful view that extends over the vineyards, from the Sala Castle across the Paglia river's vast valley to the tufa-rock cliffs of Orvieto.
The farmhouse is 2 kilometers away from the medieval village of Ficulle It is worth visiting to the characteristic “cocciari”shops (terracotta artisans) for which Ficulle is historically known (the name Ficulle is derived from Figulus meaning pottery). Horseback riding facilities and tennis courts are only a few minutes away.
It has a strategic geographic position. It is half-way between Rome and Florence (both easy to reach by train or by car in just over an hour), and only a few kilometres from Orvieto. It is a short drive to Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, Siena and Viterbo.

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This Country House, only a few kilometres from the ancient centre of Orvieto, has been restructured to include a large swimming pool in a beautiful garden setting. The villa has been completely restructured in accordance with its history and to accommodate family groups. Upon entering the at the ground floor level you will quickly feel the comfortable and welcoming  atmosphere of a great peasant kitchen, close by to a wide entry hall. On the first floor are five comfortable rooms (4 double and a single) – to accommodate a total of ten people - with 3 bathrooms and splendid views across the park to the surrounding hills. All of this promises an unforgettable stay. Also, at the ground floor level of the villa there is a wide patio with table, stone oven for outside cooking, pizzas and barbecue.

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This place, on a hilltop deep in the Umbrian countryside, has more than its fair share of history. According to the best available archaeological evidence, the Locanda served as a hostel more than seven centuries ago, providing lodging for travelers on their way to Rome for the First Jubilee, in the year 1300 — maybe one of the first ever roadside motels.
To today’s travellers the landscape, all rolling hills and ordered vineyards, looks familiar enough — it’s not so very different from Tuscany, a region we’ve all got a working mental picture of.
Behind that ancient stone facade the suites are contemporary in style, almost jarringly so. If not for the mullioned windows, the balconies with their stone columns, the views of the estate’s vineyards, this could pass for modern urban loft living — the hardwood floors and simple, primary-colored modern furnishings show signs of having been redesigned rather more recently than the 14th century.
Here you can expect a quieter time of it than you would have had at that first Jubilee; there’s not much going on besides a fine restaurant, an extensive wine cellar, an outdoor pool, and the lush and hilly country that surrounds. These days, however, that in itself is cause for a pilgrimage — guests here are more likely on their way out of the city than on their way there.

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