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Lucianna Coppola – Owner, Programming & Sales Manager

Lucianna has been in the field of tourism for many years and she is the mind of Umbria in Tour. Given her vast experience in Incoming in Italy, she works following this motto ”Quality and Services are our first Priority”. She personally selects the suppliers and supervises every activity, collaborating closely whith each member of her team.

As an experienced Italian tour operator and service provider, Lucianna brings a great knowledge and dedication to the specialist Umbria in Tour programs. After a six year period in public relations for the well-known Italian tour operator - Valtur, Lucianna organised tourist companion services for several Italian travel agencies, such as Account, as part of the tourist operation for the Egyptian Government and for some of the larger societies in Rome and Milan. For four years she was the coordinator of travel/study programmes for a large and prestigious private school of Italian Studies for foreigners as well as being responsible for arranging the full immersion courses in English. Over the last three years, she has collaborated with a tour operator in Umbria organising all of the enogastronomic programmes as well as running, and hosting,  the day to day group programmes across a broad cultural range of activities.

All of this experience, together with her love of languages, travel, people and a real passion for her homeland of Umbria, has now culminated in the creation of "Umbria in Tour" project. From march 2009, Umbria in Tour, with Lucianna as its director and programming, has been able to offer a broad range of activities focussing on the Umbrian culture in all its diversity and colour. She's actually responsible for the promotion, organization, coordination and, for specific programmes, the hosting, of all activities put forward as part of the great range of services provided by  "Umbria in Tour".

I cooperate with...

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Giuseppina Restivo - Coord. Italian courses

While coming from a very well established Umbrian family Giuseppina was born in Melbourne, Australia. Together with her family she moved back to Italy when she was 18. This means that not only does she have perfect English (she is a very highly qualified and respected English language teacher) but also perfect Italian with the great love and passion for Umbrian traditions that all Umbrians inherit down through the generations.

Language classes, she's responsable for, are conducted by qualified language teachers who are experts in teaching Italian/English as a foreign language as part of our study programmes using new and innovative methodologies of teaching.

Toni De Bella

Toni's love of Italy began in summer of 2002 with a visit to Orvieto.
Since moving to the hilltown in 2012, she has proclaimed herself an unofficial Ambassador to Orvieto.
Teaming up with Lucianna - an Etruscan-aficionado and ancient history buff - the two love spreading the word about this wonderous region of Umbria.

Read more about Toni's experience in Italy, following her blog "Orvieto or bust: stories of a life in Italy" (www.orvietoorbust.com)