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Città della Pieve is situated at the top of a hill on the eastern side of Val di Chiana on a hill where Umbria skirts the border of Tuscany. The town originated from a fortified settlement around a pieve, a rural church where baptism was administered. The walled amber-hued town is built entirely of brick, giving it a lovely uniformity. In fact, it was a center for brick manufacturing in the middle ages, along with textiles.

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The warm colors and architectural harmony give it a welcoming feel. The town is nestled in its ancient protective walls, like a nested jewel. The overall atmosphere is charming and vibrant. The surrounding countryside is swathed in sunflowers and olive trees.

Citta' della Pieve is noted for its blending of Umbrian and Tuscan cuisine, using the fruits of the forest like truffles and porcini mushrooms, hand made pastas, and exactingly-cured meats for which Umbria is famous. The area is noted for the cultivation of saffron, harvested by hand from crocus blossoms.

This Umbrian town was the birth place, in 1450, of Pietro Vannucci called Il Perugino, disciple of Verrocchio and Raffaello’s Master.

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The heart of the town is Piazza Gramsci, where the cathedral the Palazzo della Crogna and the Torre Civica (38 m) are found. From the Piazza we reach the church of Santa Maria della Mercede, where in the oratorio is found the "Adoration of the Magi" considered one of the best woks of Il Perugino (1504).

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