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Perugia is the capital of Umbria and one of the local hill towns. It is a city full of charme and history. With your private guide, you will walk along its city walls dating from the Etruscan age.

Perugia is a city full of charms and history. Every ancient gate, alley, piazza, palazzo and church will capture your imagination and every museum and gallery will impress you with a sense of history, culture and art.

You will discover the 'Perugia underground' seeing the different strata of Rocca Paolina

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The tour winds through the city's main street, Corso Vannucci, and focuses on the major monuments: Rocca Paolina, the Fontana Maggiore, Palazzo dei Priori, the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo.

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We will bring you to the studio of a master glasspainter in a building dates back to the 15th century

The Master that explain you the technique of painting a stained-glass window , that means mixing colours and light so as to bring to life a work which can express itself fully only because of this union


He will introduce you the old art of glass paiting and the story of a family of artists that has been making enamelled glass windows in the historic centre of Perugia since 1860…

A unique experience in its kind!

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It’s hard to say the words “chocolate” and “Italy” in the same breath without immediately thinking about the Umbrian capital of Perugia. Why? Because this city is home to both Italy’s best-known chocolate maker and its most famous chocolate festival.
Baci (kisses) are those bite-sized chocolates with a whole hazelnut at their center.

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