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Of  Umbrian origins, but with Roman imprint and Medieval traces, Spello is nestled on the farthest slope of Mount Subasio, a steadfast custodian of centuries of history. Known as the “most splendid Julia Colony” during Roman domination, today it is a characteristic medieval village with numerous monuments and sites…

Numerous remains from the Roman walls still stand today, which provided the foundation for the medieval walls. This historic period characterizes the urban layout that stands miraculously intact, with the winding little streets and flower-laden balconies of the homes.

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Spello’s infiorate is a manifestation which takes place every year in the small Umbrian town of Spello (Italy) on the occasion of the Corpus Domini feast, on the ninth Sunday after Easter. On that night, almost a thousand people work incessantly to create carpets and pictures made of flowers along the narrow town’s streets. The floral creations cover streets throughout the historical centre in preparation to the passage of the Blessed Sacrament carried in procession by the bishop on Sunday morning. The result is a unique one mile-long path of beautiful floral creations with an explosion of colours and scents.

spello  spello5  infiorata di Noto e linfiorata i Spello2 

Differently from other similar manifestations, Spello’s Infiorate creators compose their splendid carpets using flowers collected in the wild. While the use of other parts of the plants, like leaves and berries is allowed, the preference is given to the use of petals only, either fresh or dried. The use of wood and any kind of synthetic material is severely prohibited. Exsiccation of the flowers must be carried out naturally in the sun. Dried petals are sometime gently chopped to improve their deployment in high resolution details and fine design elements. However, they cannot be turned into a powder as the floral nature and appearance of the material have to be always preserved. The gathering, meticulous collection and processing of these natural materials starts several months before their actual use, becoming often a year around effort in order to tap into the variety of seasonal floral species.

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