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Sweet drive through the countryside, in the valley of Assisi, to the medieval town of Bevagna, originally an Etruscan settlement , became a Roman Municipium called Mevania, with its hidden Roman  baths and the circuit of display workshop of Medieval crafts: paper making, icon reproducing, candle making and silk weaving – a perfect way to experience the transition from Roman to Medieval life, where it is still evident in the structure of this beautiful, little walled town.
Its main Festival is Mercato delle Gaite (June): big summer festival with medieval banquettes, processions, challenges between the four gaite (quarters) and taverns. The four Gaite of Bevagna are San Giorgio, San Giovanni, San Pietro and Santa Maria.



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Bevagna is also home to a festival called Mercato delle Gaite.
For a few days each June, the town is time-warped back to the middle ages. If you visit during this time, you’ll find quite a different place than normal! The townspeople are all dressed in medieval garb, and the locals are very much into the spirit of the event. As you wander through the streets, you’ll find all sorts of unusual activities underway, from falconry, to blacksmithing, to paper making. The town is historically divided into four quarters, “Le Gaite”. These neighborhoods compete against each other in different events as part of the festival, and there’s a real rivalry between them.

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Because of its position on an outcrop of the Colli Martani, it is known as the “terrace of Umbria”.
The town has been actively settled since the times of the Umbri (Italic tribe of of ancient Italy). It has been under the successive domination of the Romans and Lombards.
Montefalco today has several churches, some in the Romanesque, some in the Gothic and some in the Renaissance style. Historically, the most important is the church of San Francesco, which is now the town's museum, and, given its collection of art and artifacts, one of the most important museums in Umbria. The church is notable for its fresco cycle on the life of St. Francis.
The comune of Montefalco and a small area of the comune of Bevagna constitute the regulated geographical area for Montefalco wines. Visitors can enjoy the principal wines produced in the area including the comparatively simple red table wine, Montefalco Rosso, the more complex DOCG red wines Sagrantino, for which the area is famous.

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