"Blessed" Mother Speranza

Mother Esperanza de Jesus Alhama Valera was born in Santomera (Murcia, Spain), on 30 September 1893.
On 15 October 1915, she became a nun in the monastery of the “Daughters of Calvary,” in Villena (Spain). This Congregation was incorporated into the “Claretian Missionaries” in 1920.
On Christmas Eve 1930, she left this institute to found, in Madrid, the Congregation of the Handmaids of Merciful Love.
On 15 August 1951, she founded the Congregation of the Sons of Merciful Love, in Rome.
She consecrated and dedicated her entire life to the Lord and to the mission of making Him known to all people as Father and gentle Mother.
After a life of commitment in the service of God, the priests and the neediest, she died in Collevalenza (Italy), on 8 February 1983.

On 23 April 2002, the Church, after proclaiming her heroic virtues, declared her venerable. The process of canonization is progressing.

The Sanctuary of Collevalenza is in the center of the Italian peninsula, very close to the town of Todi, in the region of Umbria. Many pilgrims every year come to visit the Sanctuary and the

Mother Esperanza’s Spiritual Testament can be assumed in one phrase: "All for Love"

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